Wednesday, 17 August 2011

FAIRE LE PIED DE GRUE. To make like a flamingo stands. (To wait.)

So I finally sorted my life out. Literally. I have slung everything from jumpers that have been in a suitcase for 2 seasons to bras that; just because they matched that specific top-it's no reason to keep them.

I have kept everything that is practical and binned everything else, best thing you can do in this situation is take your brain and heart out be honest and be ruthless. When i was a dancer i lived out of suitcases so learned not to hang onto much. Then when i moved to Devon eventually everything from my parents Attic that was mine (my parents are hoarders) gradually followed me and moved into my attic in Devon. After splitting from my husband i knew i was going to be downsizing property considerably as it was only going to be me and i couldnt afford much so I moved things in dribs and drabs from the old flat to my new place and left some things still stashed in the attic. When I moved to London...I had to condense it all and managed to turn it into 2 car loads! So I learned that as I was sorting through things if I found something and went "oh look I haven't seen this for yeeeeeeeears I'd forgotten about this!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh"

Exactly I had FORGOTTEN about it and so if I were to sling it then I'd eventually forget about it all over again only now it would no longer be taking up space.

Now I'm moving to France my life ideally needs to be condensed into 1 car load and a hired car at that.

It feels kind of good!!! De clutter the soul.

I now literally have a week left and I have such mixed feelings about the whole thing! I'm so broke I am glad the French diet is bread and cheese because that's pretty much all I'll be able to afford and I'm going to use cycling, running and walking everywhere as a means to get super fit rather than because I'm not totally sure I am going to be flush enough to be forking out on public transport for the first month. But that's life. There's amazing wildlife (im a secret twitcher...) out there so I'll just be taking in the scenery.

Spent the best part of the last week making my friends download viber and Skype onto their phones so i can communicate with them libre and not at the risk of it costing me or them a small fortune (i love you guys but not THAT much) and taking time to see people before I leave.

Last day at work today so been saying goodbye to all my clients which is so sad and i have been treated to lovely goodbye dinners, drinks and had some wonderfully thoughtful gifts ranging from books which provide me with self guided walking tours of Paris to a beautiful necklace made from crystals and stones purely relating to my star sign.

If you are what you read then I'm a Parisian adventure indeed:
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I am a very lucky girl and have been very spoiled but it just demonstrates to me that these people have become some of my best friends in the year I have been here and to not see them anymore is going to be strange. Very much like the clients I left behind in Devon, I don't get to speak to them much nowadays but not a week goes by where I don't think or talk about them. You forge a very close relationship with people in this job and some very amazing people they are too. These are a certain breed of people as they know what they want and what is important to them and are determined enough to want it that they seek the help of a trainer (I chan hear some people rolling their eyes and going "yeah but they can afford it..." from here) so i will say to that what i always do: Isnt it funny how we find money for the car, the boiler, the solicitor... But our own bodies? Apparently in the grand scheme of things we don't label them too much of a financial priority and I ask you where is the sense in that? I mean if you don't look after your body now where else are you going to live?!

My clients are the people who get off their asses, have the get up and go and are making a positive change in their lives and I'm lucky enough to spend my whole week surrounded by these people. People think I have a 'grab life by the balls' attitude and succeed no matter what. Well with the people I am surrounded by is it any wonder? Attitudes are contagious so make sure yours is worth catching. It goes to show that the people who you share your life with have a massive impact on your attitude and lifestyle so if you want to achieve something; whilst a lot of it is down to YOU (let's not look for excuses and start pointing fingers just yet)but sometimes maybe you also aren't getting the support you need. Maybe you have the wrong influences in your life. Don't hang around with people who don't have your best interests at heart (sometimes this is hard as immediate friends and family don't like to see you change even if you know the change is for the best!) but if they truly love you then they will accept and want whatever you do.

I have learned along the way who true friends are and they are the ones who know what I'm like and STILL choose to be seen in public with me ;) tell me to man up when I am having a bad day and if things do go wrong they might call to check I'm okay but chances are they won't contact me at all. They know if I truly need them then I know where they are. There's a fine line between those who want to know you're ok and the Rita Skeeters of the world who are contacting you for the gossip.

Everyone has their bad points noone is perfect, but also noone out there has any right to make you feel bad about yourself without your permission, life is too short and those who mind don't matter and those who don't mind; matter. I have learned a lot of this in the last couple of years.

So my advice this week; choose your friends carefully and the people who fall off the wagon along the way? Well sometimes they are the people who you least expect to and of course it hurts! Even moving from Devon to London alone I had people who I considered myself really close to but the second I left I practically felt their arrows bouncing off my back (but therein lies another truth...if they're bouncing off your back it's because you are leaving them behind) so remember everyone comes into your life for a reason, take the good stuff, move on.

I am also lucky in that I have the best parents a girl could wish for, of course they are stressing but they are also very supportive. My lovely big bro who is always there for me no matter what and my friends for being there for me no matter where I am. Ah feeling sentimental and I just know I'll get stick for this. This is my emotional de-cluttering I guess :)

Wow I am going to miss you guys, but then I already have 4 separate invitations to coffee/wine/BBQ/dinner lined up for me when I get there so I don't think it'll be too unfamiliar for long. Turns out a new English girl in the area is exciting and the main question everyone seems to want to know is 'is she single?!'

Oh dear this always sounds ominous...


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